Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dell Wasabi Photo Printer

As most everyone knows, I am a gadget hound. And this Dell Wasabi Photo Printer WILL be the next addition to my gadget collection. This is a wireless, inkless photo printer. Did you hear me?

Wireless--it connects with bluetooth, meaning you can print directly from your phone or your or your camera, or your laptop. Inkless means that there can be no messy accidents. The ink is embedded into the paper. And the cute factor is off the charts. Works for me!

Less than $100? I'm sold!

Have at it!

1 comment:

Lifeisfantastic Embrace It said...

Interesting - and under 100 bucks ... I'm In.... Just wondering how much the supplies are. Ok off to the website for Dell Wasabi Photo Printer - cause life is beautiful and I can just see my first photos coming out of that Printer.

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