Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cybex Treadmill 750T

So, Cybex has called my bluff. I always said that I would exercise if the equipment was pink. Cybex debuted this at the Club Industry East show earlier this week. Hmmph. But wait! I may have an out--they are not selling this treadmill to the consumer, but rather to only gyms, spas, hotels, etc. around the country.

They are also donating 10 cents to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, for every mile logged on one through October. This is a cause that I could get behind. I hope someplace local gets one. Let me know if you see one up close.

Have at it!

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Anonymous said...

I believe consumers can most certainly purchase a CYBEX Pink Treadmill. However, keep in mind, this is a "commercial" grade treadmill so the price tag is a bit higher which is why some consumers might pass. But if you are interested, i guarantee CYBEX would sell you (and others) one. and it would probably be the last treadmill you would ever "need or want" to buy as their products to last!

Just contact them or check out the website

- signed a CYBEX fan and Pink Tread supporter

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