Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Auto Notes-2-Go Cell Cup Holder

Ever hit the gas and have your cellphone go flying? Expensive, if it breaks your cellphone--or worse! This Pink Auto Notes-2-Go Cell Cup Holder converts virtually any cup holder into an auto organizer and mini message center. Pull over (don't write or text while driving!) and jot notes to yourself, make phone calls, or access info on your phone. Now your spare car-moments will be more productive and your car will be organized. Made from durable FlexForm, this convenient organizer fits into virtually any cup holder, securing cellphones of all sizes, replaceable notepads, and a pen (or other similar items). It even features a hole in the bottom to thread the charger through so you can keep it plugged in! It's $11.95 from Journal and Books.

Have at it!

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