Monday, June 15, 2009

Urban Outfitters Rabbit Scissors

If your home is anything like mine, scissors are hard to come by. I have at least 10 pairs and can never find a single pair when needed. However, Urban Outfitters has come up with this cute pair of scissors. They stand up on your desk and they come in my favorite color!

They are only available on the web and retail for $9.00.

Have at it!


Coupon Magnet said...

Those are really cute. I love how they stand on their own! I might have to get a pair of those! :)
BTW, i'm a fellow SITsta! Come check out my blog if you'd like!

lifeisfantastic embrace it said...

Love them and will have at them - They stand on their own and they are pink so they stand out. Let me www..... and order. Peace

Glamorous Beauty said...

Those scissors are too cute. I love your blog design.

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